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About Ariel Cohen Alloro

Ariel Cohen Alloro, a Jewish Hassidic Orthodox from Jerusalem, is a student of one of our generation's most respected authorities on Jewish Mysticism and a serious scholar in his own right, whose work will prove to be the key to redemption and world peace.
He is involved in clarifying Christianity and is the founder of 'Facing Each Other,' an organization with the goal of achieving true peace and reconciliation between Jews and Christians.

Born in the city of El Djazaïr, the capital of Algeria, on the Mediterranean coast, Ariel spent his early years in this city known for its whitewashed buildings of the Kasbah, a medina with steep winding streets, Ottoman palaces, and a ruined citadel.

In 1955, when he was five years old, Ariel's family made aliyah (migrated to Israel). As a young man, he completed his service in the Israeli Defence Forces, serving as an organist in a military band.
Afterward, he traveled to Miami to work on the Harrison family's Mardi Gras ship as a musician, a sort of 'Noah's Ark,' where he spent almost five years. From there, he transferred to New York as a musician with the Piamenta band.

In New York, he lived on Eastern Parkway in the Crown Heights neighborhood, close to the Chabad World Center 770. At the age of 28, he discovered the beauty, wisdom, and power of his Jewish heritage through the influence of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

After residing in Crown Heights for over a year, Ariel returned to Israel. Two years later, he met and became a follower of Rav Yitzchak Ginsburgh, shlit'a. Shortly thereafter, he met and married his wife Zoharah.

Due to his affinity for symmetrical music, Rav Ginsburgh encouraged him that the concept of 'chen' would be important to him (chen/hen means 'grace' in Hebrew and refers to symmetrical beauty). Rabbi Ginsburgh released a manuscript entitled 'Seventy Faces of Chen' at that time, saying it was for Ariel.

As he delved deeply into this topic, Ariel discovered a groundbreaking insight: the word 'Chen' is the secret of the 'Ark of Noah' and one of the three names revealed to the founder of Chassidut, which he was never permitted to reveal in his lifetime.

The other names are Yitzchak and Moshiach, which together have the acronym "Yimach." These names are like a key to easily unlock how to bring the Messiah and global redemption.


Ariel has written three books of gematriot (biblical numerology). His seminal work is entitled 'Yimach Shemo' and reveals how all the blessings of the world and secrets of the Messiah are encoded in this "curse."

Later, a second book was added - a book about his first book, called 'Ayir ben Atonot,' and recently a third book was published, about the lost word of the Freemasons - which turns out to be the same word: Yimach.

All of his books are currently only available in Hebrew. He has around a thousand video lessons available online, especially for a Christian audience. Most of these are in English, and some are available with subtitles for easier understanding.

For 40 years, Ariel has devoted his life to research in the inner depths of Torah (the books of Moses) and how to facilitate redemption in holiness and peace. As it is written in Psalms:
Tehillim 55:19 - "He redeemed my soul with peace from the battle."

Ariel and his wife Zoharah lead a healthy lifestyle in their home in Jerusalem. They have two grown sons, ka"h, a musician and a mathematician. Their eldest son is married with a growing family B'H. 

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