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About the Facing-Each-Other organization in Israel

The Facing-Each-Other organization was founded by Ariel Cohen Alloro, a Jewish Hassidic Orthodox from Jerusalem, Israel is one of the top Bible Codes experts today. He recently undertook the crucial, prophetic task to unveil Jesus  as the Jewish Messiah Ben Yosef and to explain the main concepts of Christianity from a genuine, 100% Jewish Orthodox perspective, as a natural way to return him, in kosher garments back to the Jewish Establishment.

His Rabbi noticed Ariel's natural inclination towards symmetry (he was composing symmetrical music), and therefore started to teach him about the Hebrew word  חן = "Chen" - Grace in English - beauty connected with symmetry, balance, the mix and co-existence of the opposites, of paradoxes in the Hebrew Bible. After studying hundreds of Torah meanings of this word from his Rabbi, Ariel realized it was one of the essential keys to unlock the secrets of Messiah in the Torah. Even though Ariel is not an ordained Rabbi, he may be considered a teacher / rabbi in this specific matter.


Following that revelation, Ariel started to write a Hebrew book, about the Jewish Messiah, all based on the word "Chen", yet shortly and to his surprise, he realized that the concept of “Chen” or grace was inextricably connected to the concept of Messiah, and  the name of Yeshua (Jesus). He named his book "Yimach Shemo" (Yimach and Chen in Hebrew Gematria have the same value of 58), of which acronym is Yeshu, the anathemized name of Jesus after removing the last letter (Ayin) from the name, and all these not by chance. Amazingly, he discovered that all the secrets of the Messiah and the blessings in the world seem to be hidden in the word Jesus (Yeshu in Hebrew), who's name is still taboo in Israel.


Today, after almost 33 years of intense and dedicated Torah research and analysis, Ariel Cohen’s final version of the book may be the key document needed in order to legally accept Jesus back to the Jewish Establishment. There has been an ongoing dialogue between Ariel Cohen and his Rabbi about Jesus, including the request from his Rabbi to have a traditional Torah based ceremony similar to a "Pidyon HaBen" (Redeeming of the First-Born Son) for Jesus in order to officially, legally return him to his Jewish family.

It is known that Jesus was sold about 2000 years by his Jewish brothers to the nations for 30 pieces of silver. Therefore Ariel’s initiative goal is to finally fix this unfair status quo, this time from the Jewish perspective, to remove the taboo placed on his name and to officially redeem Yeshua back to the Jewish people. This act is supposed to be followed by organizing a public Retrial for Jesus, to rectify the initial biased trial, to fully restore his untainted and real image in Israel. In this context, Ariel Cohen Alloro is committed to act as a private attorney on behalf of Jesus in Israel, to be a genuine ambassador of peace between Christianity and Judaism. This is the key to unlock the first  essential steps towards the fulfillment of some of the most important Bible prophecies and an answer to many prayers.

This is the solution to reach comprehensive ideological and spiritual reconciliation between Judaism and Christianity, as complementary parts of one Judeo-Christian family and tradition, both rooted in the Torah, united under the authority of One and the Same Creator. In addition, the fulfillment of this project would prepare the base for the restoration of the House of Israel including the 10 lost tribes, and lay down the "red carpet" for The Messiah, the same one for Jews, Christians, and all the nations.

Today, Ariel Cohen’s organization in Israel, named “Facing-Each-Other” is looking for world-wide recognition and support from the nations in order to prove to his rabbi that the time has come, “the generation is ready”, and the nations are united in their desire for truth, coming in peace towards this historical meeting around Jesus.

Important Notes: This initiative has no connection to the missionary agendas from either Christian nor Messianic currents, it has no intention to change anything in the Jewish tradition, but only to offer Torah-based clarifications and the possibility for the Jewish people to welcome back a fully Kosher Jesus in the name of The Lord. It is a fully Orthodox Jewish based initiative, meant to accept Jesus, as he was 2000 years ago, part of the Jewish family, to present and explain to the people of Israel from an entirely Jewish perspective everything related to him and about Christianity.

Thank you for your interest in our initiative.
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