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Donate to Facing-Each-Other using other options 

Many thanks for your prayers, interest and genuine desire to support the Facing Each Other initiative! For your love offering  and  / or for monthly donations, please use any of the payment options details below. Facing-Each-Other is a non-profit organization in Jerusalem, Israel.

Donate Using Other Methods:

Following, several Important Notes:
a) We suggest to keep the amount in the original currency, i.e. USD or Euro, not convert to Shekels, that may waste up to 10% of the total.
b) For Western Union or MoneyGram, we suggest to write in the beneficiary the name of Ariel Cohen Alloro.

c) Only for donations above $600 we recommend to use the Bank Wire OR send a Check by Postal service to our organization in Israel.
d) For Bank Wire or Checks, please write in the Beneficiary / Destination Name of your donation: The Facing-Each-Other, this is the name of the bank account of the organization.  Please do not write the name of Ariel Cohen Alloro for this case, as it may create confusion.

Receiver / Beneficiary's information: Name = Ariel Cohen Alloro / Country = Israel / City = Jerusalem 
Here are 2 short Instruction Videos explaining how to actually use Western Union:
a) Online using a Credit Card, through Western Union website:  
b) Online using a mobile app:  
c) Through a Western Union Agent, like a Supermarket, a Postal Office or a Bank:  
At the end of the transaction you will receive a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN number) to share with the Receiver, allow him to get your donation. In order for us to release the donation, we need: the full Name of the sender, the Amount and the Country where it was sent from.

How to send:
Please use the same destination info as above for Western Union transfer.


For best exchange rates and low transfer charges.
It is similar to Paypal, move money from your Bank Account to the TransferWise account, then transfer directly to the destination's bank account (details above). May also use a Credit Card on the TransferWise page to make the transfer.
For recurring transfers, there is a "Repeat Transfer" option when logged in. 
Fee free first transfer:

World First only offers bank-to-bank transfers. You cannot use cash or a debit or credit card to make the transaction. Great exchange rates. Super-fast transfers. Award-winning service. World First’s Minimum $1000.  Fee structure is $10 for transfers of up to $10,000 and no fee for higher amounts.

5. OFX:
OFX has lower costs than many other money transfer providers and it sends directly to the destination bank account. It also has a good mobile app for tracking transactions. Transfer limits: Minimum is $1,000 per transfer, No maximum.

More options such as cash pickup, bank deposit, mobile money or airtime top-up to send fast to destination bank account.
Fee free first transfer:

It is recommended for amounts above US$600. For less, the bank commission are relatively too high, and better use a different method.  Here are the details of our Organization Bank Account in Israel:
Bank Poalei Agudat Israel (PAGI)  / Branch 185
12 Amos Street, Geula neighborhood, Jerusalem, Israel.
Name of account: Facing Each Other
Bank Acc. No: 409-553581
IBAN No.: IL300521850000000553581

Another alternative is by Checks sent to our organization, Facing-Each-Other to our postal address in Israel.  
Please cross the check (add 2 lines on top) so it can be cashed only into the organization's account.


9. PAYPAL  For the Paypal option, please write us by email to check availability.

 Your help is greatly appreciated and meaningful.
May you and your family be richly blessed with health and all blessings of the Torah!
Yours, Ariel Cohen Alloro

PS: We invite you to learn more about the Facing Each Other initiative and to share with all friends that love Yeshua and Israel our sites:

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