Among Our Goals, the Following:​

1. To create a center in Jerusalem that will usher in a new level of harmonized interfaith communication.

2. To translate the Book and the Book about the Book in English.

3. To open an internet based TV Channel where Ariel's Torah teachings translated in many languages will be categorized and more understandable for the audience.

4. To organize conferences around the world, to get people united in a clearer vision of redemption.

5. To gather a critical mass of friends that deeply understand and support this initiative that will help escalate it to the right level of importance it deserves, to turn it into a reality.
6. To reach key people that agree with this initiative, support and promote it, as well be willing to explain it to their communities.

7. Find the financial and logistic support from private and/or public organizations that will agree to support the needs of the Facing-Each-Other Organization to enable it to reach all its goals:
- to enable the Pidyon HaBen Ceremony for Yeshua, and eventually the public Retrial of Yeshua.
- to create a new platform of interfaith communication based on the genuine reconciliaion between Judasm and Christianity proposed by the Facing-Each-Other initiative.

The Facing-Each-Other initiative belongs to a Jewish Orthodox, non-profit organization based in Israel, meant to bring clarity and reconciliation between all the apparently antagonistic  issues  separating between Judaism and Christianity. 
All the arguments are based on the Torah, TANAKH, Hasidut,  Writings of Chazal.
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Address: Facing Each Other - Ariel Cohen Alloro 
at: Baruch Ben Yosef - Law Office
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Jerusalem, Israel
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