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This is the Donation page for the Facing Each Other initiative - the Jewish Orthodox movement to return of Jesus back to the People of Israel and for his public Retrial

How to Donate to Facing-Each-Other?

Many thanks for your prayers, interest and genuine desire to support the Facing Each Other initiative! 

For your love offering and/or for monthly donations, please use any of the payment options details below. Facing-Each-Other is a non-profit organization in Jerusalem, Israel.

Donate Using a Credit Card:

The Credit Card pages are secured by Cardcom with PCI technology, SSL 2048bit. The transactions are processed by Isracard.

Donate Using Other Methods:

PROTOCOL For Receiving Credit Card Payments - Facing Each Other,  Non-Profit:
a. The Company is a not for-profit Company for the benefit of the public.
b. The Company has approved receipt of donations for the purpose of promoting the Company"s Ideology and Programs via Payment Cards.
c. The Company has taken the efforts needed to ensure the protection of Credit Card data that it receives from potential donors wishing to donate to the Company.
d. The Company has adopted the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) as the standard by which it will receive payments.
e. The Company will be fully compliant to PCIDSS and is committed to protecting Credit Card data it possesses or otherwise stored, or transmits on behalf of its donors.
f. The Company commits to using software that is PCIDSS compatible.
g. The Company will perform periodic vulnerability and penetration tests to validate the effectiveness of the process.
h. The Company will not permit the voluntary transfer of any data to other corporations without advanced approval by the donor.
i. The Company's cancellation policy allows for a donor to cancel his donation within 30 days of payment (herein – cancellation period).  The cancellation order must be received in writing by the Company via electronic mail, facsimile, or registered mail no later then the end of the cancellation period.  Verbal cancellation will not be accepted, nor will written cancellation after the expiration of the cancellation period.
j. Ariel Cohen Alorro, C.E.O., hereby approve the company's protocol for receiving Card Payments.

Your help is greatly appreciated and meaningful.
May you and your family be richly blessed with health and all blessings of the Torah!
Yours, Ariel Cohen Alloro

PS: We invite you to learn more about the Facing Each Other initiative and to share with all friends that love Yeshua and Israel our sites:

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