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Short Q&A Clarifications

Facing-Each-Other Speed FUNDRAISING Marathon

1. This is a CALL to ACTION

2. How does this work?
3. What’s in it for me?
4. Where is this taking place?
5. When?
6. What is Facing-Each-Other initiative all about?

7. Is Facing-Each-Other a Jewish organization?
8. Does Facing-Each-Other have anything to do with other religious currents?
9. What are its vision and goals?

10. How to approach this Fundraising?
11. Why is this Retrial of Yeshua important?
12. Why a speed fundraising?
13. Why now?

14. Who? 
15. Is this for me?
16. Who is Ariel Cohen Alloro? 
17. Breaking this ancient Taboo – is it possible? 
18. Why $2 Million? 
19. Why a Pidyon haBen for Yeshua? 
20. Why receive Yeshua back to the Jewish Establishment?  
21. Why a retrial on behalf of Yeshua? 
22. What kind of a Retrial? 
23. Were there any similar Retrials attempts? 
24. Is it the first time people try to achieve a Retrial for Yeshua? 
25. How is this Retrial different and why it should succeed? 
26. What is the Book Yimah Shemo about? 
27. What can you do to support in an effective way this fundraising? 
28. How to achieve this goal so fast?  
29. How long it takes to donate for this cause? 
30. What will happen with this amount?  
31. What is the full needed amount

32. For the Speed Fundraising, please go to our Donations page...

​Dear friends of the Facing-Each-Other,

1. This is a CALL to ACTION now through the Facing-Each-Other Speed FUNDRAISING Online Marathon for $2 Million to reach its vision and goals: The Legal return of Yeshua from Nazareth / Jesus Christ back to the Jewish Establishment followed by the long expected Official Retrial of Yeshua meant to unfold as a public educational, theological debate. 

2. How does this work? This initiative is a people’s grass-root campaign, associated with sessions of Live Online Events through our Zoom platform where we can host up to 100 friends together. As per your request we can meet in our Zoom conference with Ariel Cohen Alloro, receive Live statistics about the growing Fundraiser, usually in the evenings after 22:00 Israel Time, except for Shabbat.  More information and instructions are following below.

3. What’s in it for me? Why should I join in?  If you’re reading this document, we believe you may already identify with the vision and goals of the Facing-Each-Other initiative, so empowering our organization to make this happen for you, could be the accomplishment of some of our deepest hopes for peace, salvation and spiritual enlightenment, also fulfilling and enabling several Biblical prophecies that we still expect to happen.

4. Where is this taking place? Ariel Cohen Alloro will be occasionally with us online on our Zoom conference to explain, confirm and answer questions from everyone.  We hope to have each time on Zoom some friends who met Ariel in person and know his heart & mind, his deep knowledge and mastery of Orthodox Judaism, Torah, Chassidut and Gematria, his pure intentions to reach a genuine reconciliation between Judaism and Christianity.  

5. When? Now!  Until 5th of December 2020, through HASHEM’s Grace we will have the whole needed amount before the due date. Except for the Shabbat, Ariel Cohen Alloro will be available for online Live on Zoom to receive your personal blessings and for short Q&A and clarifications about the mission, vision and goals of the FEO.

6. What is Facing-Each-Other initiative all about? What is its mission? – The Facing-Each-Other is a Torah based Jewish Orthodox non-profit organization with the historical mission to reach a full theological, ideological and emotional reconciliation between Judaism and Christianity.  
A first step would be to open the main gates of Judaism for the return of a Jewish Yeshua, exonerated from all blemish through a Redeeming of the Firstborn son (Pidyon haBen) Jewish ceremony, followed by a public Retrial debate.  

7. Is Facing-Each-Other a Jewish organization? Yes it is a Torah based 100% Jewish Orthdox non-profit educational organization founded in Jerusalem, Israel by Ariel Cohen Alloro a Jewish Orthdox Chassidic from Jerusalem, presently teaching online Torah video Lessons mainly to the nations. 

8. Does Facing-Each-Other have anything to do with Christian, Messianic or missionary movements? Definitely not, it is 100% Jewish Orthodox non-profit, standing on its own, unique, very specific vision and goals.  

9. What are its vision and goals? The Facing-Each-Other vision and goals are mainly educational, comprehensive, teaching Torah to the nations. One of the main goals is to have a dedicated Jewish ceremony of the Pidyon HaBen = Redeeming of the firstborn son to be enacted by Ariel Cohen Alloro & his rabbi, event followed by a public Retrial on behalf of Yeshua from Nazareth meant to fix the wrong treatment and unlawful trial that Yeshua received about 2000 years ago from the authorities of that period.

10. How to approach this Fundraising?  We will try to base our Speed Fundraising Campaign on a simple Q&A that should answer and clarify in short most initial questions. For learning more about each of those issues we would like to invite you to watch the Q&A and thematic video lessons on our YouTube Channel with Ariel Cohen Alloro where he goes in deep Torah analysis for each of the relevant subjects.  

11. Why is this Retrial of Yeshua important?  While addressing the Jewish people from Jerusalem, Yeshua said he will only be back after they will eventually receive him with blessings in the name of GOD.  See Matthew 23:39 – “For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.'"

12. Why a speed fundraising?  Sometimes when time comes we have to create the momentum and move quickly, it becomes more efficient and makes things happen.  
“The Salvation of Hashem Comes in a Blink of an Eye” - Pesikta Zutreta, Esther 4:17. The same, perhaps time has come to move fast in order to speed up the redemption on the path of Light and Love.

13. Why now? Time has come to make this happen. As most of you already know by now in order to achieve the vision and goals of the Facing-Each-Other initiative of Ariel Cohen Alloro, we need to gather as a group at least $2 Million in order to honour a special Jewish traditional ceremony of the Pidyon haBen – Redeeming of the Firstborn son on behalf of Yeshua from Nazareth.  

14. Who? We, together we can do it as this initiative is a pure grass root movement for all the wise people of faith that are able see the perfection of the whole in the Bible. We invite people from both sides of the Bible, from all the Christian denominations as well as from all streams of the Judaism.

15. Is this for me? 
A. I am Christian / Believer in Yeshua. Is this for me? For sure! In general Christians are more familiar with the prophets visions in the Bible about reconciliation with the Jewish people and  the return of Yeshua back to the Jewish people such as in Romans 11:12 - “But if their transgression means riches for the world, and their loss means riches for the Gentiles, how much greater riches will their full inclusion bring!”.
B. I am Jewish, should I join? Certainly yes. It’s the Jewish people responsibility as the “older brother in faith” to initiate a kosher reconciliation with Christianity.  There are many visions in the Prophets and in the writings of the sages of Judaism talking about a time in the future when “the pig will become kosher” as well about a time for Reconciliation between the 10 Lost Tribes (“lost” in the western Christian world) and the 2 Tribes (representing the Jewish people of today), a time when all the 12 Tribes of Israel will be together again. Many historians and Rabbis confirm this and are talking about a prophetic reunion as prophesised in Ezekiel 37: 19-22  “This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am going to take the stick of Joseph--which is in Ephraim's hand--and of the Israelite tribes associated with him, and join it to Judah's stick. I will make them into a single stick of wood, and they will become one in my hand…..  I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. 22 I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms.”
C. I have a different religion, is it for me too? For sure! Any authentic religion talks about reconnecting between people in faith, in love and unity, so if you resonate with this vision, then here is place for its fulfilment.
D. I am an atheist, still relevant? Yes, for sure, if you believe that humankind needs peace, understanding, tolerance, love and balance between all nations of all faiths, then you should join to help us make a giant step ahead in this direction now. 

16. Who is Ariel Cohen Alloro? Ariel Cohen Alloro is a famous Orthodox Chassidic Jewish Torah scholar from Jerusalem, teaching Torah to the nations, perhaps the most experienced and highest authority in the field of Judaism-Christianity theological analysis. He is a top expert about all concerning a revolutionary unified view over the concept of Messiah throughout both traditions, including the amazing relation between Messiah Ben Yosef and Messiah Ben David. Ariel Cohen Alloro is not an ordained Rabbi, yet some of his students address him as a rabbi in the sense of simply a Torah Teacher. 
Ariel Cohen Alloro is the founder of the Facing-Each-Other initiative and the author of the Book “Yimach Shemo” (“May his name be erased”) a crucial, earth-shattering, comprehensive study of the Christianity’s main principles as seen rectified through the wisdom of Torah, Judaism, Chasidut and Gematria, containing all the secrets about how to 
A. dress the Light of Yeshua in garments of Torah, so that it can be introduced to the Rabbis,
B. bring the Lights of Christianity into the Vessels of Judaism (as in the vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe) and to properly reconcile between the two of them, how to make peace between Yaakov and Esau. 

17. Breaking this ancient Taboo – is it possible? This is a very charged and delicate issue that only Ariel Cohen Alloro can handle it together with his Rabbi and needs full privacy as we are talking about one of the strongest taboos locked for the past 2000 years, yet to be overcome with prayers, faith, courage, desire for truth and deep Torah wisdom. Therefore we are kindly asking you to understand this aspect and respect the privacy of this ceremony, yet to trust Ariel Cohen Alloro’s utmost efforts to make this happen soonest possible.

18. Why $2 Million? According to the story in the New Testament, about 2000 years ago, Jewish Yeshua
from Nazareth was sold for 30 Silver to the Cohen and from that moment he belongs to the Nations (Gentiles).  We also know those 30 Silver were used by the chief priests to buy the “Potter's Field” as a burial place for strangers. For sure that piece of land in the Old City is worth today a lot more.
The traditional amount used in a Pidyon haBen is 5 Shekels, that a Jewish head of the family is paying to the Cohen to redeem its firstborn son.
Ariel Cohen Alloro has explained using many Torah and Gematria hints through many hours of his video teaching a variety of the secrets and insights about this issue, and how this $2 Million of today is equivalent with 2 Bloods (Dam Pesah and Dam Brit Mila) = 2 Money,  but also equivalent with 30 Silver and with 5 Shekels. Dam in Hebrew means Blood but also Money, an equivalent to the sacrifice that traditionally the Priest / Cohen is doing at the Temple. 
Any of us would think that the act of redeeming Yeshua back to Israel is actually a priceless privilege, but to actuate it nowadays in an honourable way, we would need the least amount that sounds decent, and here the first amount to fit seems to be just about  $2 Million. 
Moreover and even more significant is that this amount is viewed also as a miracle sign from the Heaven as it signifies the presence of a critical mass of people who gathered together to make peace according to the Torah, as we had in the ancient times at the Second Temple, each Jewish man giving his Half Shekel offering (Exodus 30:11–16) to the priest at the Temple.  Anyway this is the amount needed to make this happen.

19. Why a Pidyon haBen for Yeshua? He certainly had such a redeeming as a firstborn in a Jewish family in his childhood. Now this ceremony is basically equivalent to this traditional Jewish ceremony and needed in order to redeem him through a Cohen back to the Jewish Establishment; in our case Ariel Cohen Alloro is a Cohen = Jewish Priest, he can do it and is willing to honour this important restoration act. 

20. Why receive Yeshua back to the Jewish Establishment?  Well, first of all because he is Jewish and was unjustly expelled from his Jewish community of that time and anathemised. We know that it’s forbidden for Jewish people to sell any of their brothers to the nations, as it has previously happened in the Selling of Joseph to the Egyptians, and which was a very big sin. Similarly, Yeshua was sold to the nations, and as any Jewish soul he needs to be returned back to his Jewish family first because he was Jewish. Therefore this situation has to be fixed by a Cohen, in our case Ariel Cohen Alloro, as explained above. 

21. Why a retrial on behalf of Yeshua? He is obviously the most pure being and free of any guilt, yet from the point of view of the traditional Judaism he was unjustly excommunicated, and an unfair anathema placed on his persona; therefore after so many years this became a serious taboo about anything related to his name and image as seen from the Jewish side. 
Under these very difficult ideological circumstances we have a brave heart person like Ariel Cohen Alloro to take personal responsibility and the role of a personal attorney on behalf of Yeshua. This way, he would make sure to fully exonerate Yeshua in front of the Jewish Establishment, to dismantle all false accusations against him, prove as false everything that was allegedly being said wrongly about Yeshua in the Talmud for example, to defend his name and personality all according to the Torah. 
22. What kind of a Retrial? This is not a real retrial in the legal sense as we see in our days, but rather an educational public online debate between Ariel Cohen Alloro and 10 important rabbis that will be assigned to participate. Its purpose is to understand the messianic claims on behalf of Yeshua, whether he was the Messiah or not, and if yes, what kind of Messiah? 
As well need the Retrial should explain everything about the concept of the Messiah, clarifying the special roles and the differences between the Messiah Ben Joseph and the Messiah Ben David, discussing about the first and the second comings of the Messiah.

23. Were there any similar Retrials attempts? Yes, recently there was a public event in 2013 in Athens, a post-trial meant to exonerate Socrates, one of the most famous Greek philosophers, who was unjustly forced to suicide at his time by the corrupt establishment. 
Therefore a group of esteemed philosophers from our times decided to organize in his memory a public debate in order clean his personality, to acknowledge the guilt of the establishment and present a public forgiveness request in his memory from the public side. 

24. Is it the first time people try to achieve a Retrial for Yeshua? No, so far there were several such attempts along the history, yet failed because they were initiated from the Christian side and the initiators did not have the same theological tools to discuss this delicate issue with the rabbinical institution. 

25. How is this Retrial different and why it should succeed? For the first time in the history this initiative for a Retrial on behalf of Yeshua comes from an insider, from a Torah scholar, an expert in Chasidut, Gematria but also in the New Testament, this time analysed with authentic Torah tools through the eyes of Orthodox Judaism.  
Ariel Cohen Alloro is the only person that can talk freely about Yeshua from Nazareth with any Orthodox rabbi in such a way that it will entirely make sense from this point of view. 

26. What is the Book Yimah Shemo about? This book written by Ariel Cohen Alloro during over 35 years is a deep critical study and analysis of the Christianity principles from the Orthodox Judaism point of view, meant to cleanse the image of Yeshua. As well the author builds tools to dress the naked Truth, the Light and the essence of Yeshua in Torah garments, in order to introduce him in a decent way to the rabbinical institution for a full reconciliation.  
It is a fulfilment of an old but famous vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe when he was saying:  “Bring me the Light of Chaos in Vessels of Rectification”.  That is about reconnecting correctly the pure Light hidden in Christianity with the Vessels / Wisdom from the Torah and Judaism. 

27. What can you do to support in an effective way this fundraising? 
A. Make a generous donation now for the Retrial. 
B. Translate in your mother-tongue language and share now with all faithful friends and teach them the basics of it, why & what to do?
C. Share our message in electronic format or printed on paper with your community, congregation, Bible study group, with your pastor, priest, spiritual mentor, rabbi, with influent or well established, well intended people who may be open minded and ready to donate and help us now in our endeavour.
D. Pray from the bottom of your heart for the fulfilment of the vision and goals of the Facing-Each-Other.  Send your blessings to Ariel Cohen Alloro in writing and on Zoom. 
E. Send us a message of support and agreement in shape of as a Signed Petition for the purpose of the Facing-Each-Other.
F. Keep learning more from the video lessons of Ariel Cohen Alloro on our Youtube channel.

28. How to achieve this goal so fast?  We propose that each of us who feels the same as we do, makes a donation of at least $1000 and also invites other friends of faith to join us and do the same. It is enough for example to have 2000 friends who participate in our direct Speed Fundraising to make this happen.  If some friends may afford to make donations with higher amounts, we will be done even faster. 

29. How long it takes to donate for this cause? It takes 3 minutes if you use the Credit Card transfer on our online Donate page. May take the same amount of time or a bit longer if you make a bank transfer or if you use other payment methods. 

30. What will happen with this amount?  This amount of $2Million is needed for the Pydion haBen. $1 Million will stay with the Rabbi of Ariel Cohen Alloro for his Yeshiva. The other $1 Million will be used by the Facing-Each-Other non-profit to prepare for and to organize the stages of the Retrial, to make a documentary movie about all the aspects involved in this project that may cost up to $450.000, as well a trailer worth around $35.000, to prepare books, animations, music and other PR materials needed for this event, to pay for rentals and travels, also to hire 10 rabbis that will participate in the public, online debate sessions of this educational Retrial. 
Donations for the running the current expenses of the Facing-Each-Other can be done on the same donation page, together or separate from the Fundraising.
We will post updates on our Facebook official page and on our website about the progress and the concrete steps of this initiative.

31. What is the full needed amount? The full amount for the Pidyon haBen is actually 2 times $2 Million, more specifically, for two such ceremonies. Ariel Cohen Alloro will do the first stage with the real $2 Million and the second stage with a symbolic equivalent amount. Ariel will keep us informed in a modest, discreet way about this important private event.

32. For the Speed Fundraising, please go to our Donations page:  and choose your preferred payment method now.
Website is:
Official page Facebook:
Official YouTube Channel:

Many thanks for your real support, involvement, for your prayers to the fulfilment of the vision and goals of the Facing-Each-Other, for your blessings addressed to Ariel Cohen Alloro.
Please accept our best wishes of health, spiritual revelations and blessings for all you are doing in the name of Hashem.

Yours, sincerely Ariel Cohen Alloro – Chairman of the Facing Each Other.

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