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A Genuine Message of Peace from Jerusalem

More Lessons about the Facing Each Other initiative, with Ariel Cohen Alloro

The Jewish Orthodox Initiative for the 
Formal Redeeming of Yeshua / Jesus 
to the People of Israel & his Public Retrial

 Welcome to the Facing-Eeach-Other website, the virtual tent of meeting between Judaism and Christianity!  This is an original initiative by Ariel Cohen Alloro who is an Orthodox Jewish Priest (Cohen) and it comes out of his personal discoveries in the Torah and Chassidic Judaism.  
 Ariel is not an official Rabbi, but a diligent student of one of the greatest Rabbis today, who mastered the discipline of his Teacher and brings us now his innovative work, an essential contribution for the redemption of Israel and the whole world. 

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The connection between the disputed Biblical Land and the name of Yeshua
About the Facing-Each-Other Initiative

 After 2000 years of ideological misunderstandings and misconceptions between Judaism and Christianity, The Facing-Each-Other initiative is undertaking an historical, major, crucial task to reach  autentic reconciliation between the 2 main streams of faith that have both emerged from the same Torah received on Mount Sinai.

  After 33 years of Torah and Chasidut research, Ariel Cohen Alloro realized the proper, legal way to enable the official return of a Jewish Kosher Jesus back to the Jewish Establishment.
As a Jewish Priest, a Cohen, he intends to organize and perform a traditional ceremony similar to a Pidyon haBen (Redeeming of the Firstborn Son) on behalf of Jesus (ישו = Yeshu in Hebrew) that should welcome him back to his Jewish family and remove all the old taboos and restrictions related to his name from the Jewish Orthodox stand-point.
  Next step should be to open a public Retrial on behalf of Jesus in the presence of 10 most important Rabbis in Israel, meant to fix the initial rigged trial that took place 2000 years ago and to clarify in front of the whole world all the aspects and issues related to this delicate subject.

  All the dialogues should be done in a constructive, truthful and respectful way according to the Torah, aiming to reveal all the truth about Yeshua, in a way that will bring intellectual and emotional fulfilment to everyone involved in and following this project.

General Background

​  If you are a Christian from any denomination, a Hebraic Roots follower or a believer in Jesus, you will find amazing resources here on the Facing-Each-Other website.
Are you looking for a gateway to connect your faith with the genuine roots? 
You are at the right place! With your prayers and real support we would like to turn the Facing-Eeach-Other initiative into a proper educational centre in the near future.

  The material here is original and it is entirely based on Orthodox Judaism. Yet on the other hand it is one Torah / TANAKH / Bible for every human being on the planet.

 The Message of Ariel Cohen Alloro is perfectly balanced between Judaism and Christianity and is using the proper tools to create unity among all believers in a Messianic redemption of the world.

  When you listen to Ariel, please bear in mind that every statement he makes is in perfect harmony with traditional Judaism and yet it fits the concepts of traditional Christianity too in an unusual way, that both Jewish and Christian can absorb and identify with.  It is a phenomena how the Tree of Joseph (Christianity) and the Tree of Judah (Judaism) perfectly unite and become one Tree. 


  He has documented his discoveries in a unique book about the Jewish Messianic mystery unlocked by one single word. This work is the most profound Hebrew book written on the subject of Messiah.  We are working now at the translation of a shorter and easier to read English version of this book. Meanwhile we will make the initiative known to the world by publishing recorded lessons and interviews on this site, our Youtube channel and Facebook page. 

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Important Notes:​​
1. Our organization, based on this unique initiative is independent, it comes from the core framework of Orthodox Judaism, not from Christianity nor Messianic movements, it has nothing to do with missionary agendas. However anyone is welcome to join, regardless of their religious background.

​2. The Jewish Rabbinical Institution didn't accept yet the claim for the intended Yeshua retrial. Currently it is in an advanced  process of negotiations through one of the greatest rabbinical authorities nowdays.

Suggestion for a starting point:

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The book in Hebrew:

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We invite everyone who agrees with this initiative to support our efforts to turn it into a real project, and to make it happen, to transform the premises of interfaith dialogue and change our reality.
Please give us your feedback We are interested to hear your thoughs, and proposals.

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